Summer 2011

kyra and puppy

It is an exciting year for Umtali! Kyra and Amigo's new litter was born July 23rd check out the latest puppy photos.

Umtali Ridgebacks

Umtali Ridgebacks

We welcome you in your visit to Umtali Ridgebacks. Our farm and kennels are located in Johnstown, Ohio. Umtali Ridgebacks sprouted from an interest in this athletic, handsome, sensitive and intelligent breed and has grown into an enduring twenty seven year passion!

Umtali is a colorful, boisterous, engaging and active environment which includes an extended group of friends and family comprised of horses, cattle, cats, koi fish and the primary focus of our attentions: our dogs.

A member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. since 1982, co-owner Barbara Sohayda has been active in the fostering of the highest standards in breeding for conformation, physical prowess, health and temperament. Barb is a respected breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and is the Founding Breeder of Umtali Ridgebacks.

Co-owner, Nancy A. Rich, DVM is a graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Science. Dr. Nancy Rich has been  affiliated  with Gahanna Animal Hospital since 1989, where she continues to specialize in reproduction of AKC breeds, surgery and medicine. Dr. Nancy has also become a valuable resource for other ridgeback breeders when faced with veterinary issues with their dogs due to her knowledge and experience with the special needs of this breed. She is also a valuable member of the Health and Genetics committee of RRCUS (the national breed club).

Also associated with Umtali Ridgebacks is Celia Ruckel, an invaluable asset as a long-time friend and fellow Ridgeback owner.  She has earned recognition as an experienced and knowledgeable handler showing mostly Umtali Ridgebacks for us for over 20 years.

Experience and expertise...a healthy, diverse and enriching environment ...and a passion for the breed create puppies and dogs with sound minds, sound bodies, and great temperaments. Umtali Ridgebacks is destined to produce champions in show, field, coursing and as family pets and best friends!

Barbara Sohayda
Nancy Rich, DVM